At a glance…

  • Nearly 3,000 acres of prime agricultural land available for long-term lease
  • Organic production capability
  • 3.9 acre feet per acre of non-interruptible Columbia River water
  • Highly sought-after Paterson/Horse Heaven Hills location
    • Long (March – November), temperate growing seasons with potential to grow multiple crops per year
    • Excellent proximity to processing facilities and major distribution centers in Prosser and Tri-Cities, Washington
    • Prime soils
  • Warehouse, storage and non-crop agricultural possibilities
  • Highly flexible long-term lease opportunity, up to 35 years, to provide a competitive return on investment
Photo credits: Grapes by Thomas Verbruggen/Unsplash, blueberries by Greyerbaby/Morguefile, apples by Zyance/Wikimedia Commons, potatoes by The Marmot from USA/Wikimedia Commons, onions by Paputx/Wikimedia Commons.