The Water

The Department of Natural Resources has created a turnkey opportunity designed to bring 3.9 acre-feet per acre of Columbia River water to 3,000 acres of prime farmland. Just lease, build and operate.

Rent reimbursementpump-system

You build the pipeline and on-farm infrastructure. Then, propose rental terms (including rates and length of agreement) designed to reimburse your costs. With up to a 35-year lease. you’d be able to spread that cost across many productive growing seasons.

We’ve done the prep

Perfecting the water

The goal is to perfect the water right to its highest capacity, which your investment and selected crops and seasons will accomplish. In order to achieve full water duty, initial crops will need to be high water duty crops. In exchange for building and seeing the project through, your investment opens the door to a long-term lease, up to 35 years.